​​​UK Wheat Field School

UKREC, Princeton
April 26

The University of Kentucky Wheat Science Group is offering a series of hands-on trainings during this growing season as an in-depth educational opportunity for experienced wheat producers, crop advisers and farm managers.

The next field school is April 26 at UKREC and will cover issues prior to flowering. 

  • Growth Stage/Plant Dissection Near Heading - Carrie Knott
  • Planting Date and Seeding Rate Differences Impact Stem Counts Near Heading - Carrie Knott
  • Growth Regulators for Wheat - Carrie Knott
  • Application Timing of Fungicides - Carl Bradley
  • Late Nitrogen Applications for Protein - John Grove
  • Plant Analysis for Assessing Nutrition - John Grove
  • Tillage and Traffic Impacts on Growth - John Grove & Edwin Ritchey
  • Managing Insects During Grain Storage - Raul Villanueva
  • Controlling Ryegrass as a Cover Crop and as a Weed in Wheat - Lloyd Murdock & Jim Martin
  • Weed Identification - Jim Martin

The school costs $60 per session. Register for the April 26 session online. Preregistration is required, as the class is limited to 30 people per training. Lunch is provided.

The schools are funded in part by the Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association.

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