Grains for Your Brain Launched to Offer Consumers Fact-Based Grain Info

​The Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) has launched an interactive and consumer-focused website at The digital outpost aims to offer shoppers, moms and those simply wanting to know more about their grain foods information from a fact-based perspective that will help them feel good about their grain choices. The site also offers access to common sense advice about eating and living healthfully and recipes to help do so, and it gives readers the opportunity to ask questions of grain experts. 

Amazing Grains Study Guide

As part of the Kentucky Farms Feed Me program, this reader and study guide was developed to provide more in depth information about Kentucky's grain crops. To request copies, please contact Laura at

The Goodness of Grains

​​Promoting the benefits of small grains and grain foods is the first step in developing strong markets. This is accomplished through consumer and classroom programs.

We provide and support a number of resource initiatives to bring the good news about grains to many audiences.

Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association

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Wheat Foods Council

​There are many more great resources about wheat foods at

Consumer Resources

Teacher, school, Youth & Volunteer Programs

KySGGA is committed to supporting agriculture literacy across the commonwealth. Annual funding is provided to the Kentucky Agriculture and Environment in the Classroom for K-12 student, teacher, and youth programs. 

In 2016, KySGGA sponsored an agriculture education project for the Kentucky Alliance of Boys and Girls Club participating in the Seed to Sale program. Club members received funding for their garden plots as well as on-site activities to increase their knowledge of agriculture. 

Kentucky Farms Feed Me Virtual Field Trip Series

With more generations removed from the farm these days, it's no wonder many of our children do not understand the origins of their food. Many groups are working to bring agricultural education to our schools through lesson plans, events and presentations, but we realize that some of those methods can be limiting for teachers based on school funds, transportation requirements, and time. Thus the "virtual field trip" series was born. 

Classroom Resources

Promotion & Consumer Education Programs