Research continues to be top priority of Kentucky Small Grain Growers

​The Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association has allocated over
$2 million in producer check-off contributions toward research in the last 20 years. KySGGA has been dedicated to the areas of variety development, Intensive Wheat Management, and No-Till practices. 

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Small Grain Research

Research Projects Funded in 2016-17 

In August 2016, the Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association and Promotion Council selected the research projects that will receive Small Grain checkoff funding for the 2016-2017 growing season. The new round of projects brings the total dedicated funding toward research to $2.15 million since the checkoff was initiated in 1992.

The following projects were approved for funding totaling $132,094:

  • Soft Red Winter Wheat Breeding & Variety Development - David Van Sanford, UK - $65,625
  • Improvement and Development of Barley for Use in Feed, Food and Fuel - Wynse Brooks, VA Tech - $7,500
  • Enhanced Chia Production & Product Usage - David Hildebrand, UK - $25,455
  • Performance of Small Grain Varieties in Kentucky - Bill Bruening, UK - $12,133 
  • Fragipan Remediation - Lloyd Murdock, UK - $15,000
  • Can Fusarium Head Blight Vomitoxin Levels Be Reduced with Agronomic Practices? - Carrie Knott, UK - $35,750

  • Updating Rye and Barley Management Guidelines for Kentucky - Chad Lee, UK - $12,000
  • Understanding the Genetic Basis of Wheat Development - Van Sanford & Knott, UK - $4,500
  • Creation of a Wheat Field School at University of Kentucky Research and Education Center (UKREC) in Princeton, KY - Edwin Ritchey, UK - $33,776
  • Year 3 of: Irrigating the Soil to Maximize the Crop - An Approach for Wheat to Efficient and Environmentally Sustainable Irrigation Water Management in Kentucky - Ole Wendroth & Chad Lee, UK - $12,085
  • Looking for Old and New Foes to Prevent BYDV Transmission on Wheat - Raul Villaneuva & Carl Bradley, UK - $13,022
  • Improving fungicide application recommendations for managing Fusarium head blight of wheat and barley - Carl Bradley & Tom Stombaugh, UK - $14,130
  • Effect of Photoperiod Sensitivity and Planting Date on Wheat Heading Date, Maturity, and Yield Performance and Potential Economic Impacts in a Soybean Double Crop Rotation - Carl Griffey, Wynse Brooks & Wade Thompson, VA Tech - $4,000