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Small Grain Profitability


More than $3 Million in Production Research and Education

After 25 years of dedicating more than $3 million to production research, Kentucky wheat production has increased 87%. And while the past few years have not been record production years, the average wheat yields - 80 bu/A in 2016 and 77 bu/A in 2017 - are the highest recorded in Kentucky history. In fact, increases in average Kentucky wheat yields have exceeded that of corn for the same 25 year period. This tremendous growth is primarily due to the collaboration between farmers, the University of Kentucky’s research and extension team, crop consultants, and end-users.

The Kentucky Small Grain Utilization Fund and our farmer-led Promotion Council was formed in 1991 to direct checkoff toward wheat and small grains research and grower education. UK’s Wheat Science Group has worked to develop varieties that perform well under Kentucky conditions, and agronomic practices continue to be fine-tuned for the highest profitability. Much of our research centered on intensive management and no-till practices for many years, and now we are looking at technology and methods that may be considered beyond standard thinking: reducing the fragipan, soil irrigation, and disease control alternatives, to name a few.

UK Wheat Field Day Welcome

Dr. Rick Bennett welcomed all to the 2018 Wheat Field Day at the Princeton Research and Education Center and spoke about the new Grain and Forage Center of Excellence, the Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association, and Dr. Dave Van Sanford's Research Professorship.

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Jeff Coke has 10 grandchildren, so far, and says crop insurance plays a part in building a legacy " protect what you got each year to move forward and to leave something to the next generation."

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Our Programs

Research & Variety Testing

More than $2.5 million have been directed to research projects aimed at increasing profitability for Kentucky's small grain farmers. See the latest list of projects and research reports. 

Market Development

We are dedicated to strengthening existing markets and finding new markets for Kentucky's small grain farmers. Specialty food products and a growing brewing and distilling industry are new opportunities. Learn more

Grower Education

Providing the latest agronomic and marketing information helps growers make decisions on their farms for maximum profitability. See our list of production resources and education events.

Gifts of Grain

KySGGA has established an endowment fund at the University of Kentucky to ensure the advancement of production research. KySGGA will match grower and private company contributions up to $50,000. Learn more

Consumer Education & Promotion

Promoting the benefits of small grain foods is the first step in developing strong markets. This is accomplished through consumer and classroom programs. Learn how we promote grain foods

Wheat Yield Contests

KySGGA sponsors the annual Kentucky Wheat Yield Production Contest administered by the University of Kentucky. Each state (convention and no-till categories) and area winners receive a cash prize. Learn more



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Snapshot of Kentucky's Small Grain Production

The USDA released the results from the 2012 Ag Census in 2014. We made note of the farms and acres devoted to small grain production in the Commonwealth. While the Kentucky Field Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Office regularly keeps data on wheat produced within the Commonwealth, the 5-year census is the only document that reports on lesser small grains.