Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association

Pembroke Seed

Kentucky-Bred, Certified, Public Wheat Variety

Pembroke 2016 Available

The Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association (KySGGA) and the University of Kentucky (UK) have released the next variety in the Pembroke line, Pembroke 2016. The wheat was developed by Dr. David Van Sanford with financial support from the Kentucky Small Grain check-off.  UK released the variety to KySGGA. KySGGAorganized the release, but all royalties will go back to the UK Wheat Breeding Program.

“This program attempts to preserve the certified public variety concept,” said Don Halcomb, KySGGA promotion council chairman. “We see a need to deliver reliable genetics to our Kentucky producers. At the same time, we want to attack issues that are specifically troublesome in Kentucky and our region, like head scab. One of the priorities for Van Sanford in breeding and selecting Pembroke varieties is head scab resistance.”

To learn more about how to purchase this seed, contact Pat Clements at 859-336-4061 or Jeff Rice at 270-314-4317. 

Pembroke varieties are public, so farmers aren't subject to penalties for saving or reselling.

Purchasers may certify new seed, and market it as such according to Kentucky Seed Law, pursuant to Kentucky Seed Improvement Association regulations or the appropriate seed regulatory agency in other states.

Pembroke & Pembroke 2014 varieties also available

Agronomic Traits:

  • Excellent yield potential
  • Consistent yield performance over many locations
  • Excellent test weight
  • Outstanding powdery mildew resistance
  • Good stripe rust resistance
  • Short-strawed with excellent standability