Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association

About the Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association

Growing Small Grain Profitability


A group of small grain producers, university personnel and industry representatives conducted their first meeting in 1988 to develop an organization which would work to help small grain producers in Kentucky. By the following year, they incorporated and identified their objectives:

  • Identify and develop specialized market opportunities for small grain producers

  • Provide continuing education opportunities such as seminars led by wheat specialists, workshops on personnel management and machinery maintenance, economic pesticide application and training, etc.

  • Support research that is directed towards increasing the profitability of small grain production

  • Provide representation for Kentucky’s small grain producers at the national level by joining the National Association of Wheat Growers.

In 1991, the small grain referendum was signed to direct farmers' voluntary small grain checkoff (0.25% of sales) to the Kentucky Small Grain Utilization Committee for the purpose of promoting and stimulating markets through utilization research, market maintenance and expansion, and education.

To date, more than $2.5 million have been directed to small grain research and education programs to grow small grain grower profitability. No-till and intensive wheat management have been cornerstone programs in achieving that mission. 



All farmers who grow and sell small grains and pay voluntary checkoff contributions are members of our association. 

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Board of Directors

President - Gary Haile, Christian Co.  
Vice President - Jeff Coke, Daviess/McLean Co.
Secretary/Treasurer - Mandy Thompson Bryant, Todd Co.
Kyle Bugg, Graves Co.
Sam Halcomb, Simpson/Logan Co.  
Steven Locke, Siemer Milling Co.

At-Large Directors
Dr. Dave Van Sanford, University of Kentucky Wheat Breeder
Dr. Robert Houtz, Associate Dean for Research and Director of the Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Kentucky College of Agriculture 

Promotion Council 

Chairman - Pat Clements, Springfield
Vice Chairman - Curtis Hancock, Fulton
Steve Ward, Hickman
Steve Hunt, Herndon
Bernard Peterson, Loretto
Chris Kummer, Franklin
Joe Paul Mattingly, Raywick




Executive Director

Laura Knoth

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Programs Director

Adam Andrews

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