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Kentucky Small Grain Growers Approve Research Projects for 2018-2019

Ky Small Grain Growers voted to fund the following research and grower education projects last month, for a total investment of $286,441, in the 2018-2019 growing season. That brings the total Kentucky small grain research funding to $3.3 Million over the past 27 years.

New projects this year include several focused on Kentucky rye production due to increased interest from local distilleries.

  • Soft Red Winter Wheat Breeding & Variety Development - David Van Sanford, UK

  • Improvement and Development of Barley for Use in Feed, Food and Fuel - Wynse Brooks, VA Tech

  • Enhanced Chia Production & Product Usage - David Hildebrand, UK

  • Performance of Small Grain Varieties in Kentucky - Bill Bruening, UK

  • Fragipan Remediation - Lloyd Murdock, UK

  • Reducing Fusarium Head Blight Vomitoxin Levels with Agronomic Practices - Carrie Knott, UK

  • Rye Crop and Disease Management in Kentucky - Chad Lee, UK

  • Wheat Field Schools at University of Kentucky Research and Education Center (UKREC) - Edwin Ritchey, UK

  • Soil Health Benefit from Winter Wheat in the Rotation - John Grove, UK

  • Breeding Rye Cultivars for Kentucky - Tim Phillips, UK

  • Improving fungicide application recommendations for managing Fusarium head blight of wheat and barley - Carl Bradley, UK

  • Market Demand and Production Cost Estimates for Specialty Small Grains in Kentucky - Leigh Maynard, UK

  • Investigating Cereal Rye Varieties for Improved Cover Crop Performance - Erin Haramoto, UK

  • On-Farm Characterization of Soil Spatial Variability for Model-Based Site-Specific Management - Hanna Poffenbarger, UK

  • Identification and Characterization of Fungicide-resistant Strains of Parastagonospora nodorum in Kentucky - Carl Bradley, UK